Written by Sharra Greene


     Yesterday, Editor and Founder of The Bomb Life Blog as well as Fashion BombDaily (one of the top 50 most influential style sites in the world), Claire Sulmers, finally revealed her first published book with a very befitting tagline. As someone who has been waiting on this book for about 5 years now, I happily consumed the book in a day's time.

     Starting off as a hungry Harvard graduate with distinct talent and passion for fashion journalism, Claire Sulmers worked to carve out her own path in the tough industry of fashion, turning her creative blog outlet into an extremely influential and profitable online magazine. Using both traditional and outlandish (but well worth it) networking strategies, Sulmers went from intern to street style capturer at Paris Vogue. Later on, after first being discouraged by the fact that she was not yet where she wanted to be in the Vogue chain, Claire realized with the help of family and friends that her online style coverage was becoming enough to sustain her, and that she could in fact "create her own Vogue". 

     Part autobiography, part how to guide, Claire lets readers into her bomb life by sharing several intriguing accounts and experiences that molded her into the fabulous person and businesswoman she is today. She balances the telling of these life changing occurences with concrete yet profoundly inspiring tips on how to build a brand that is unique to one's gifts. The  substantial steps toward branding and monetizing explained by Claire in this book are the reasons I would recommend The Bomb Life to any creative entrepreneur, especially those interested in the blogging or fashion world on any level. Ending with a profoundly sentimental letter to herself, this book reinforces the ideas of putting yourself out there, having tough skin, looking the part, and showing resilience, among other important lessons outlined. 

     Claire's ability to innovate, brand, and create major opportunities for herself and others in a superficial, cutthroat, and often very prejudice industry are what make her one of the best representations of black excellence in fashion and media, in my book. Reading one of my main inspirators of the industry's first published book has definitely inspired, motivated and refreshed me as a style expert, entrepreneur, and as a person. The Walking Art Blog gives it 5 stars!


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Enjoy and comment your thoughts. 


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