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So, if you follow me on Instagram, you've probably already heard BUT, I had to be sure to let my day one readers know. The very first episode of Style with Sharra: The Podcast Series is now available to stream and subscribe to, via the iTunes Store and iOS podcast app.

I wanted to take the time and personally just say thank you to my blog subscribers and readers because if it weren't for your support and encouraging feedback, I may not even have the courage to take on new endeavors such as this one! Thank you. 

With this series, I really want to provide an “on the go-style experience” for listeners who love all things fashion, style, and inspiration. All topics will be communicated from the point of view of a young woman building her brand from the ground up in today’s ever-changing industry. The podcast's theme is produced by D. Brown the Begotten Son, an all around amazing music creator and sound engineer. Definitely check him out for all of your music needs!

Every Tuesday, I will be featuring shopping and styling tips, event recaps, interviews with style pros, and much more. This podcasting journey is brand new to me! So be sure to tune in and leave me some constructive feedback in the ratings and reviews.  Enjoy! 

"The definition of walking art."

P.S. Have a topic suggestion for the show? Send your ideas to! I'd love to hear them!