Written by Sharra Greene

Credits  : Sophia wearing her traditional Pakistani dress, styled by Me. Photo by  D. Rice Photography . Makeup by  Brittany Main . 

Credits: Sophia wearing her traditional Pakistani dress, styled by Me. Photo by D. Rice Photography. Makeup by Brittany Main

     There's more to this beauty than serving regal, fierce looks in various photography projects. Sophia Yeshi also expresses herself creatively via her brilliant graphic design artwork. Upon looking for the perfect model to feature in my latest style lookbook, I came across Sophia, who I followed on Instagram and Model Mayhem. Right away, her brand exuded "the definition of walking art." Not only was I impressed by her beauty and grace in front of the camera as well as her unique vintage style, but I also took notice of her gorgeous graphic designs scattered throughout her feed, many of which featured vibrant colors and women with strong emotional expressions.

     After my amazing experience working with Sophia on our web editorial, I also wanted to put the spotlight on Sophia the Graphic Designer. Get to know a little more about her as an artist below. 

When did you start creating graphic designs and did you have a background in art before you started with graphics?

I’ve actually been interested in design since I was about twelve. I started downloading 30 day photoshop trials and would just redownload them after the thirty days was up. I went to a magnet middle and high school where I was able to further my interest in art and design.

I see a common theme in your work, of women being displayed as vibrant, bold characters. Is this intentional and if so, why is this something that continues to inspire your designs?

While it is a goal of mine to represent women in my work, I didn’t notice the theme, so it isn’t necessarily intentional. However, I think of myself as a bold and vibrant woman, so it would only make sense that my art reflects that.

Are they're any artists/ graphic designers that you admire and pull inspiration from? If so, who are they?

There are some illustrators, especially women, doing some really great stuff. I get inspired by artists like @lauracallaghanillustration, @cyberl0ve, and @monicakimgarza to name a few. I want to be able to represent women like they can.

What program do you typically use to create your designs?
I use Photoshop for digital paintings and Illustrator for anything more line-based, sometimes both.

Where would you like to go with your designs career wise? (i.e showcasing in gallery, starting a business around them, etc.)
I would love to start a business selling prints and art once I start creating more and putting out more work.

Dripping by Sophia Yeshi.

Dripping by Sophia Yeshi.

Artwork by Sophia Yeshi. 

Artwork by Sophia Yeshi. 

Self Portrait by Sophia Yeshi. 

Self Portrait by Sophia Yeshi. 

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"The definition of walking art."