How Do I Deal with criticism???

Joan Smalls for "French Connection" Vogue Paris Sep '11.

Joan Smalls for "French Connection" Vogue Paris Sep '11.

    Written by Sharra Greene

      There are two kinds of criticism. There's the constructive criticism that you let make you better. I like to ask feedback from people whose opinion I value as well as people I respect within my field. It's always good to get a fresh pair of eyes on something. Take in their critiques and apply it to improve your work, especially if you know they mean well. 

      And then there's the criticism that is negative and meant to break you down. You also use this to make you better. Many people like to put their two cents in when they can't even afford to go after what they love out of fear of putting themselves out there, "failure", etc. Acknowledge the fact that you're not one of those people and they are, or else they wouldn't be talking. Criticism that isn't constructive isn't worth much, so don't make it mean much to you. Even if it is their genuine opinion, however poorly worded, that's fine too. In this industry (or any for that matter) it's important to come to terms with the fact that not everyone will like what you do. That fact is no reason to keep you from growing  in what you love. 



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