Growing up, one of my guilty pleasures was (and still is) watching reality tv shows with my mom and sis. And as crazy as it may seem, my favorite part about it isn’t even the drama and crazy storylines that most of us watch reality tv for in the first place. I mean, obviously that’s what initially sparked my interest. But after a while, I realized my favorite part really is looking at all of the looks the people on the shows wear, and having side convos with my fam about what we liked and what we didn’t like, who we thought always dressed well (and who we thought needed MUCH help), along with how we would’ve worn or not worn certain things differently.

Difference in perspective is what makes fashion culture so interesting. What I think is fly is not necessarily what someone else may think is, and vice versa. And to be honest, without us all having different tastes, fashion would be really boring and uninteresting. Personal style is what makes all the difference. That’s why I always encourage my fam, friends, and even my clients to always stay true to themselves, despite what may or may not be currently “in fashion”. It’s cool to incorporate trendy pieces but it’s so much more important to wear pieces that speak to who you are because you never know how your unique take on something could inspire someone else, which is inherently what keeps the culture moving forward and what keeps us all on our toes.

I wore this look while I ran around NYC during fashion week, catching shows. After a show, I stopped in Chipotle to eat and charge my phone. As I was scrolling away, a lady came rushing in and came up to my table, telling me how much she looved my outfit and asking me where I got my jacket and boots (shop the look above). She mentioned how she would’ve worn the jacket with a matching gold skirt instead. As I explained to her how I always like to add an unexpected element into my fits, it sparked a dope convo and we ended up talking for an hour about how we as women use personal style to express ourselves and how our style usually evolves as we enter different chapters in our lives.

It made me think about how something as expressive and fun for us should never just be limited to what’s “on trend” and what’s not. With everything from top designers to social media and fast fashion factories selling us an image day after day, it’s easy to get caught up in what’s poppin’ and what’s played, losing our sense of individuality. But as exciting as it is to study trends as they come and go, at the end of the day, I gotta be me… you gotta be you. Never let a temporary wave keep you from serving a look that’s authentically YOU. Our different points of view when it comes to style are so necessary.


“The definition of walking art.”


#behind thescenes: See more from this shoot   here

#behind thescenes: See more from this shoot here

     When I started pursuing a styling career at age 18, I knew I had A LOT to learn. In the beginning, I had insecurities, limited resources, and a whole bunch of questions. Though I still have a long way to go before I achieve all that I want, I'm honestly just so grateful for all that I've learned on this journey so far. Looking back, I realize how much what I've learned can help all of my fellow young bosses who are pursuing a career in fashion, or any creative career for that matter. So if you're an aspiring stylist or creative, this episode is definitely for you! 

      In this episode of Style With Sharra, I'm going a little beneath the surface, reflecting on my styling journey while sharing some of the many lessons that I've learned as a creative and as a businesswoman. Tune in to get to know more about my humble beginnings, skills that I believe set a great stylist apart from the rest, and challenges that I still face to this day! Take a listen and comment your thoughts of questions!

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"The definition of walking art."


Written & Styled by Sharra Greene | Captured by Allen Stewart

fall 17 shoot 2.jpg

     So while I was preparing for this shoot, my makeup artist and I were talking and she asked me what I would be wearing. Upon me mentioning that I was wearing a skirt, I told her how much I love skirts (anyone who truly knows me, knows this) because they make me feel really feminine, lady-like  and chic. She then added "and so empowered, too!" I've never related to something so much in my life. Our conversation drove me to start thinking about the different perceptions that people have of what it truly means to appear and "behave like a lady". 

     I'm usually the one who shows up and hears a comment like "why are you so dressed up?" or "It's not that deep, you didn't have to wear a skirt." I always find these comments funny because as someone who explores self expression through style so often, it comes so naturally to me so I never really think of it as "over dressing". I enjoy getting dressed up for life so much for several reasons, one of them being because when I look good, I feel good. I feel like I can take on whatever comes my way. Though there is soo much more to me than the way that I dress, expressing myself through dress actually does make me feel both feminine and empowered, all at once.

     By definition, "lady like" means "appropriate for" or typical of a well-bred, decorous woman or girl. But to me,  it's interesting how as fashion and society evolves, our standards of what it means to be "lady like" has evolved with it in so many ways. Some may feel that you have to dress modestly, have a certain set of manners, or perform certain tasks to be essentially valued as an authentic woman with a sense of class and integrity.  This idea is often pushed on women in society. However, in today's world, I am so glad that so many of us (myself included) are creating our own standards and embracing whatever truly makes us feel good as women. 


When someone suggests that one needs to increase value, strength, or power in a stuation, we often hear "Man up!"  Well I'm here to tell you that there's nothing more powerful than a lady who is authentically herself, and who feels free enough to express that in whatever positive, inspiring way that she can think of. I believe that when a woman feels free to be herself, she is then best able to live her best life and add value to the lives of others. Whether it's wearing a skirt,  speaking up for yourself, spreading love and light to others, or all of the above, do whatever makes you feel "lady like". Woman up. 


Photographer: Allen Stewart of Stewdio Photography

Makeup Artist: Vanessa Lazo

Styled by and Featuring Me

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"The definition of walking art."


Written by Sharra Greene


     Yesterday, Editor and Founder of The Bomb Life Blog as well as Fashion BombDaily (one of the top 50 most influential style sites in the world), Claire Sulmers, finally revealed her first published book with a very befitting tagline. As someone who has been waiting on this book for about 5 years now, I happily consumed the book in a day's time.

     Starting off as a hungry Harvard graduate with distinct talent and passion for fashion journalism, Claire Sulmers worked to carve out her own path in the tough industry of fashion, turning her creative blog outlet into an extremely influential and profitable online magazine. Using both traditional and outlandish (but well worth it) networking strategies, Sulmers went from intern to street style capturer at Paris Vogue. Later on, after first being discouraged by the fact that she was not yet where she wanted to be in the Vogue chain, Claire realized with the help of family and friends that her online style coverage was becoming enough to sustain her, and that she could in fact "create her own Vogue". 

     Part autobiography, part how to guide, Claire lets readers into her bomb life by sharing several intriguing accounts and experiences that molded her into the fabulous person and businesswoman she is today. She balances the telling of these life changing occurences with concrete yet profoundly inspiring tips on how to build a brand that is unique to one's gifts. The  substantial steps toward branding and monetizing explained by Claire in this book are the reasons I would recommend The Bomb Life to any creative entrepreneur, especially those interested in the blogging or fashion world on any level. Ending with a profoundly sentimental letter to herself, this book reinforces the ideas of putting yourself out there, having tough skin, looking the part, and showing resilience, among other important lessons outlined. 

     Claire's ability to innovate, brand, and create major opportunities for herself and others in a superficial, cutthroat, and often very prejudice industry are what make her one of the best representations of black excellence in fashion and media, in my book. Reading one of my main inspirators of the industry's first published book has definitely inspired, motivated and refreshed me as a style expert, entrepreneur, and as a person. The Walking Art Blog gives it 5 stars!


Purchase "The Bomb Life" on Amazon Barnes & Noble, or order an autographed copy here.

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"The definition of walking art."