This past Saturday, I attended the Convos With Claire fashion networking mixer in NYC. This mixer is known for bringing together the stylish and ambitious to discuss various topics in fashion and business with some of the industry’s best. Tune in to hear about my experience and some of the insight given by the panel!

As the Fashion World Turns: Pros & Cons of the Ever-Changing Industry...

     In this episode, I'm weighing in on some of the aspects of the very complex fashion industry and sharing my thoughts on the major impacts that it has on both creatives and consumers. Tune in for some of the latest tea on the controversial topic of representation and versatile types of beauty being celebrated, how certain situations affect me as a stylist, and my insight on what to do about some of these common issues.

Event Recap / Tips for Attending Fashion Networking Events

     This episode is inspired by my blog post on 2 things to consider before attending a fashion event. I talk about my amazing experience at two well curated events that I recently attended, While also giving insight on how to effectively network at fashion functions.