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So, if you follow me on Instagram, you've probably already heard BUT, I had to be sure to let my day one readers know. The very first episode of Style with Sharra: The Podcast Series is now available to stream and subscribe to, via the iTunes Store and iOS podcast app.

I wanted to take the time and personally just say thank you to my blog subscribers and readers because if it weren't for your support and encouraging feedback, I may not even have the courage to take on new endeavors such as this one! Thank you. 

With this series, I really want to provide an “on the go-style experience” for listeners who love all things fashion, style, and inspiration. All topics will be communicated from the point of view of a young woman building her brand from the ground up in today’s ever-changing industry. The podcast's theme is produced by D. Brown the Begotten Son, an all around amazing music creator and sound engineer. Definitely check him out for all of your music needs!

Every Tuesday, I will be featuring shopping and styling tips, event recaps, interviews with style pros, and much more. This podcasting journey is brand new to me! So be sure to tune in and leave me some constructive feedback in the ratings and reviews.  Enjoy! 

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Photographer: D. Rice Photography

Featuring and Styled by Me

So, in the beginning of 2018 I promised myself that I would be attending a lot more networking events. So far, I've been doing pretty well choosing the ones to attend and the ones to pass on. I would have to say that my favorite one this year was the Fashion Designers' and Craftmakers' Network's Fashion Showcase and Angelman Syndrome Charity Event at the end of April. I'll be going more in detail about my personal experience there on my brand new upcoming podcast, which will be available to stream this May, but for now if you want to know more about it, you can check out my event recap post here.

Anyway, I recently realized the main reason why I can be so apprehensive about attending certain events is because these days there are a lot of people and organizations who plan these glorified parties and turn up sessions and title them "networking mixers". Don't get me wrong, I'm all for having fun and turning up when the time is right, but with working on my business and all of the administration upkeep that comes with that, as well as making time for family and friends, it's really important to me that my time spent adding to my network is well spent. It's true what they say, your network really is your net worth. So I always want to make sure I'm socializing and mingling with people who have a similar mindset or who have goals to achieve and want to be around others who do as well. I want to share two things that I've been considering before buying a ticket to an event, which so far have been keeping me in the right rooms.

Number one, who will be the key speakers or headliners? I always like to do as much research on the people who will be the highlights of an event. Are these people who have had a notable level of experience or success in the field that you're interested in? I'm not talking about a person with a lot of followers but no real results or no respectable work ethic. I'm always looking for the people who know how to get results and know how to effectively communicate how to do that with others. I also like look at what the mentees of that person have to say about their experience learning from that particular person.  

  Shop My Look:   I am wearing  the Pretty Little Thing black sheer metallic stripe crop top ,  fishnet tights,  Nasty Gal beaded front stripe mini skirt  (the OG Nasty Gal that is, so this is basically vintage now), and  Public Desire Kassidy gladiator heels . Earrings from my wardrobe.

Shop My Look:  I am wearing the Pretty Little Thing black sheer metallic stripe crop top,  fishnet tights, Nasty Gal beaded front stripe mini skirt (the OG Nasty Gal that is, so this is basically vintage now), and Public Desire Kassidy gladiator heels. Earrings from my wardrobe.

Number two, what will the presumed atmosphere be like? What setting will the event be held in? Personally, I've been seeing a lot of "meetings and mimosas" type of events and it looks cute on a flyer and I'll probably attend a few in the future just for fun and to say I did. But, it all depends on what your intentions are. If I'm going to have a good time and maybe meet some people to collab with in the process, "meetings and mimosas" sounds good. But if I'm intending to hear from successful people who can show me how to get where they are, I don't want to be so turnt that I forget to remember what they said or even to actually take notes. 

These two things can definitely help you use your own discretion better when analyzing whether or not to buy that ticket. And again, I'll definitely be going more into detail on this topic on an episode of my upcoming podcast. If you're subscribed to the blog, you'll be one of the first to know when it's available! 

Stay tuned for more style and inspirational posts coming your way very soon!


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So get hip now, so you can say you were rocking the brands before everyone else was. 

     Earlier this month, I was invited by Public Relations Coordinator and FDCM network head Joanna Marcella to do press coverage and collection reviews for London based Fashion Designers' and Craftmakers' Network's Fashion Showcase and Angelman Syndrome Charity Event. The showcase served three purposes, one; to expose a select few of today's hardest working up and coming designers to fashion media, new markets, and the public, 2; to raise funds and awareness for Angelman Syndrome,  a rare neuro-genetic disorder that occurs in one in 15,000 live births (for more info, click here) and 3; to provide a great atmosphere for creative entrepreneurs, tastemakers, press, and bloggers alike to network and enjoy each other's company.  The event achieved all of that and more. I gladly accepted Joanna's invitation and was more than impressed by the attention grabbing talent, great social atmosphere, and bomb networking opportunities that this showcase offered.

     The event was held at The Paul Hotel in Midtown Manhattan, New York City this past Saturday, April 28th. Upon arrival, I received  giftbag full of event souvenirs. Glasses of wine and an array of other refreshments were served to guests. I instantly took a seat next to a group of fellow blogger baes and in doing so, made some new friends and key connections. There was literally nothing but positive vibes amongst all of the ladies, and that's not something I get to say all of the time. The rest of my day consisted of a bunch of networking as well as one on one interviews with featured designers and I truly believe several of the brands will be contributing to the fashion world in major ways . Mark my words.  Check out 5 of my faves below,as well as some highlight looks from the showcase. 

Chanette Laing Atelier

From the age of 3, UK based designer Chanette Laing knew she wanted to be a designer and nothing else. Having a background in painting and textile design, She aspired to merge the worlds of fashion and art. (obvi, why I love her aesthetic, we're both on the same page) Some of her signature techniques include incorporating African print as well as the "subtraction cutting technique", originally started by designer Julian Roberts. Chanette's success thus far is rooted in the fact that she puts God at the center of everything she does. When asked how she has overcome obstacles like having discouraging instructors and the feeling of being overshadowed, she says "When I remember that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, I know that no man can stop me." Well said. View Laing's latest collection, inspired by the latest Black Panther movie and the idea of cultural pride in the gallery below.

Contact: | @chanettelaingatelier |

Taylor Love Couture

     Taylor Love Couture is an emerging East Coast brand that is working to be internationally known for "uniquely catering to both men, women, as well as the LGBTQ community. " Self-proclaimed as, "Riri's future designer", CEO and Designer Taylor Love says her brand is "a symbol of inclusivity and luxurious urban wear." Love designs and handcrafts all pieces herself. She cites her education at Mt. Ida College as one of the main reasons she's come this far as a designer. Taylor's design journey is similar to that of designer Zac Posen in the way that several of her family members play a major role in her creative team.

     With her cousin Jordan as her business manager, her sister as lead makeup artist, her brother as the brand's lead photographer, as well as other relatives who care for her daughter while Taylor is on her design grind, she is well equipped with a strong support system. Love truly aspires to acquire Rihanna as a client (which would be another similarity to Posen) So Rihanna and team, if you happen to come across this article,  Taylor is ready. Interviewing Taylor was such a pleasure. I could hear her hunger for success and passion for her craft through her words. Check out her latest Day of the Dead inspired collection that gave us all "slaying at the mansion" vibes, below.

Contact: @taylorlovecouture |

Juhasz Szilvia Collections

     Designer Juhasz Szilvia merges fashion, nature, and the love of her native country's landscapes to create timeless cocktail dresses and evening pieces. She collaborates with immaculate landscape photographer CZako Balazs, featuring his dynamic images of different landscapes and scenery and turning them into wearable art. Featuring an array of interesting colors, shapes, and shadows, her pieces catch the eye at first glance and are truly one of a kind from top to bottom. The work of the two artists make for a truly dynamic duo.

Szilvia wants the women who wear her clothing to experience the beauty of nature in pieces that illustrate beautiful visual stories of Hungary's natural beauty through dress. Szilvia and Balazs have been building both their individual and collective brands back in Hungary. Now, they are going international as they present their immense creativity in the United States' fashion capital, New York City. View their showstopping collection below. 

Contact:| facebook | |

Designs by K.Y

Moved by her desire to broaden her daughter's perspective of what is possible, designer Kymberly Achuba hit the ground running in 2015 and has been building her streetwear brand ever since. To this day, her daughter is her main driving force, always showing love, admiration, and a sense of pride for her mother's growing brand. Designs by K.Y. threw a much-needed street style perspective into the mix during the showcase through the use the fresh use of fur, painting, interesting prints, and oversized unisex pieces.

As icing on the cake, Kymberly was one of the few designers to give attendees a piece of her art to go home with, including a gorgeous handmade brooch in her press satchel. (She handmakes her own metal accessories, including the crown seen below). My talk with Kymberly was one of my faves of the day so be on the lookout for the full interview on my upcoming podcast, set to air very very soon (if you're subscribed, you'll be one of the first to know when!) In the meantime, peep the brand's street style realness below. 

Contact: @designsbyk.y |

Kyle Denman

Last but certainly not least, Politician turned fashion designer was definitely a highlight of the event. Initially content as a successful politician with an artistic side, Denman took a serious interest in design after conducting art classes to people with dementia and Alzheimer's and truly realizing the impact art has on people's lives. From then on, Denman began sewing in 2016 but his impeccable skillset says otherwise. Denman was the grand prize winner of Project Runway's Season 15 Remake it Work Challenge. In the midst of balancing celebrity and wedding clients, creating designs, and so much more, Kyle has also found a way to merge his love for both politics and fashion by teaching fashion to young women survivors of human trafficking, homelessness, abuse, sexual assault, and other injustices through a nonprofit organization called Freedom & Fashion.

For the showcase, Denman's red carpet yet worthy yet cutting edge design was inspired by champagne as a socio-economic symbol of the roaring 20's. His captivating white ruffled high low gown with a layered gold bustier resembled champagne bubbling over on his gorg model. Denman's design took the cake and earned him the Fashion Designers' and Craftmakers' Network Young Designer Award. As a result, the FDCM Network will also be debuting Denman's work in London, England.  See his inspiration and award-winning look below. 

Contact: | @kyledenman13

More Highlights

More fave moments including designers Gazal Sethi of Forever Tiara and N I F F F E by Omobola Onaolapo.


Special thanks to Joanna Marcella and team for intviting me to cover this event, as well as all of the new creatives and blogger baes I met that made this event so much fun. Covering this event required constant moving around and capturing work but I promise my next event will feature more photos of my look and all of the cool people I met! Stay tuned and follow me on instagram for more content on my experience this weekend! 

Credits| Designers featured( in no particular order):  Taylor Love Couture, Forever Tiara, Chanette Laing, Sabina, Lisievici, Flavia Loraque Goslin, Paula Prodan, 3rd Eye Brand, Chances R Designs, N I I F F E by Omobolaji Onaolapo, Kymberly Achuba of Designs by K.Y, Szilvia Juhasz - JC Collection. Event coordinator: Joanna Marcella and team of FDCM Network


Feel free to comment your thoughts on this post and the designers. Stay tuned for more style content and my BRAND NEW PODCAST coming your way very very soon! 


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Well, are you?

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      If you don't already know, Okera Banks is a well established celebrity and editorial stylist, designer, and all around fashion expert who has taken her love for all things fashion and style and turned it into a career filled with inspiration, a strong network, and an even stronger skillsket. Her work has been featured in major publications like Cosmopolitan Magazine, E! Online, and countless others. Her style and designs can be seen on the likes of Mary J. Blige, Niecy Nash, Tiffany Haddish, Anthony Anderson, Zendaya, and Mel B. just to name a few.

     Upon binge listening to her Style Lounge Podcast where she has insightful conversations with fashion icons and celebs who share her love of style, I had to bring her wit and wisdom to The Walking Art Blog. See our interview below to learn more about Okera as a brand, what she believes sets fashion newcomers apart, and more. 

First thing’s first, what made you want to get started as a stylist / designer in the first place?

 What made me want to become a designer/stylist is the love for art and everything fashion. I wanted to be a model but because I was height challenged, I decided to learn everything there was to know about fashion and style. Design, Costume Designing and Styling is what spoke to me while gaining the knowledge.


Some of your first stops on your fashion journey included an internship at Mirabella Magazine as well as working as an assistant fashion editor, what’s a major key that these experiences taught you early on in your career that you still use today?

 The one major key that my experiences taught me early on in my career and I still use today is my mantra... Stay Ready Be Ready! That means simply stay ready and be ready to present, perform, deliver with ONLY the best energy, options, ideas, suggestions and solutions.


 Styled by Okera Banks.

Styled by Okera Banks.

With so many people in today’s age aspiring to be an “it” stylist to celebs and major publications, true respect for the craft can sometimes be hard to come by. What do you feel like sets an aspiring stylist apart from the rest and what do you feel is needed to truly gain respect and desired success in the field?

 What I feel that sets an aspiring stylist apart is one's personal calling card, which is their personal niche' and style. That comes with knowing your signature touch of style. What I think is necessary to gain respect and success in any field especially in this field is being consisent, taking creative risks, hard work, going the extra mile to gain information, constantly evolving and reinventing yourself and others.


Let’s talk about OTG Essentials, the cohesive collection of interchangeable pieces that you created “for men and women that can be worn multiple ways throughout the day into the evening’s most festive occasions.” What inspired you to start the collection?

What inspired me to start my OTG Essentials collection was out of my own necessity. I have always had a very fast paced, on the go lifestyle.  But there was a very unique season in my life where along with balancing costume designing multiple televisions shows, with one of the multiple shows having me travel once a week, styling my clients and taking on the duties of becoming a caregiver to my mother, my comfort became equally priority to me being fly as I worked and traveled while remaining always ready while on the go. So, I created and designed a collection of easy travel, bold, sexy, interchangeable garments that convert from one look to another look throughout my day for different occasions so I could stay ready, be ready.


So, the Style Lounge is one of my new fave podcasts. You truly have a gift for curating insightful content through your conversations with fashion insiders. My favorite interview was with designing icon Karl Kani. You two discussed staying true to your brand and your dream even during the low points and off seasons. What actions and mindsets do you practice in order to continue putting in work and staying focused during the hardest of times?

The Karl Kani interview was a special interview because I grew up influenced and being apart of hip hop culture and street fashion. One of my biggest practice in staying focused during the most challenging time(s) is working out and laughter.  These are by far my top 2 medicines during those times.

 Styled by Okera Banks.

Styled by Okera Banks.


Lastly, I want to ask you a style question that you always ask your guests! What does Okera wear to the grocery store, date night, and when you’re handling business?

Ha Ha Ha .... Good One!  What does Okera wear to the grocery store, date night and when I am handling business.  Well, I am not a person who plans a grocery store day, maybe a farmers market day but not a grocery store day. So, often times Grocery Store Okera is apart of my everyday look. I incorporate my grocery shopping at the end of my work day or coming from a workout session, which means I am often in jeans and a blazer, a dress, a jumper, a layered ensemble look with a cute shoe or in workout gear, baseball cap and sneakers.  Date Night Okera: depending on the date, I am either in a fitted sassy dress, jumper or skinny jeans and a fashion top and pumps. Handling Business Okera will often will do a casual business dress with or without a light weight blazer with pumps or an ankle boot and a good bag.

Okera, thank you so much for taking some time out of your busy day to inspire here on the blog! It was a pleasure. If you liked this interview, feel free to comment and keep up with Okera via her website, Instagram, and Style Lounge Podcast. Don't forget to shop OTG Essentials


"The definition of walking art."