Photographer: Allen Stewart of Stewdio Photography

Makeup Artist: Vanessa Lazo 

Featuring and Styled by Me

      Above all of the things that serve as inspiration for me, attitude has always been the nonstop source that has moved me and  influenced both my passion and my aesthetic as an artist. Without it, true style is not really complete, in my opinion. In retrospect, observing attitude and the many forms that it takes is what drove me to pursue a career in style in the first place... many may be able to relate when we think about the way that style and attitude affect our inner and outer worlds. 

     I come from a long line of women who love expressing themselves through personal style and aren't afraid of fashion. Growing up with my mom being a social worker by day and a bartender by night, I was always inspired by how my mom transformed her wardrobe throughout her day. Watching her look go from dressy casual, chic, and fabulous during the day and then coming home and transforming into an edgy glamazon for the night life really opened my eyes to the way that what we decide to wear can affect our confidence, posture, and demeanor.


     As her heels clicked around the house and fringe details on her gorgeous dresses and jackets swung behind her, I was in tow, not too far behind (getting in the way and getting on her nerves as she got dressed) and I couldn't help but notice how after each glance of her reflection in the mirror, she held her head a little higher, walked a little sexier, and moved a little differently. It was beautiful. It was then that I realized that a woman's style of dress can serve as an essential form of self expression that can enhance her confidence and reveal different sides of her inner being.


     My mom often shared throwback pics of my grandmothers and great grandmothers (my grandfathers' style was pretty on point too) in everything from sexy high waist shorts, bold tops, and sky high heels, to mink furs sometimes paired with custom made dresses, chic berets, etc. (My very first shoots included so many of these pieces, they're so bomb)... They looked unique, beautiful, and incredibly confident. All of this has pushed me to always be led by the attitude that I want to be conveyed when putting together looks, rather than the "technicalities" of fashion...To this day, on set, I'm always intrigued by the way that a woman poses and carries herself in a look that I put together for her.


Attitude also is about the way that a woman chooses to put things together. What she chooses to include or exclude and accessorize can be used to make a statement about herself and/ or the way she's feeling. None of it is really "right" or  "wrong", it's all about a feeling, a vibe, an attitude.  Looking at fashion and style as an art from and not a science has driven the concept of my brand, "the definition of walking art." 

P.S. SHOP MY LOOK: I am wearing the Pretty Little Thing gold tassel sequin long sleeve romper (my neckline is tailored) with Forever 21 faux patent leather thigh high boots, earrings and bangles from my wardrobe. 

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"The definition of walking art."


When I connected with L.A. based fashion stylist Ashe Taylor on social media, I noticed her fresh aesthetic mixed with some subtle vintage referencing and I had to follow. Upon us following each other, it wasn't long before we were in each other's comment section giving each other props on our styling work. I love connecting with those who share the same love of image directing and I figured she'd be the perfect person to help me answer a few of the questions that we stylists often hear. Read our perspective and insight below and feel free to leave your own comments and questions! 

Why styling? What inspired you to explore a career as an image consultant?

Ashe: In high school I was chosen to style for Adidas with 4 other young ladies for the super star campaign. It literally change my life and perspective on my career choices in fashion. I realize I can make a living doing what I love & also have fun doing it! 

 Credits: Photography by  Suede Williams  &  The MRJ Project . Model:  Symone Farrar.  Stylist:  Looks By Ashe Taylor  Designer:  Amanah Femme

Credits: Photography by Suede Williams & The MRJ Project. Model: Symone Farrar. Stylist: Looks By Ashe Taylor Designer: Amanah Femme

Sharra: Of all of the other interests that I had growing up (writing, dancing, acting for a while, etc.) , fashion and style was the one that stuck around for the long haul. I think my passion for it really took over from watching all of the women around me get dressed up for life and watching their posture and overall confidence change with it. It was like watching a beautiful transformation and I wanted to be apart of that transformation. That aspect of styling never gets old for me. 

What are some of the challenges that you find a stylist in this day and age faces?

Ashe: One challenge that stylists face are trying to remain different & relevant. The industry of stylists is oversaturated so sometimes it’s hard to remain different & relevant. 


Sharra: I agree with Ashe. I believe that when you're a stylist, you have to be confident in the overall experience that you bring as an image consultant because trends and looks come and go, and you definitely aren't going to be the only one referencing them. Another challenge that I believe we face is getting respect as artists and as business people. Sometimes you find that people "adore your work" until it's time to really get to work on a project, let you do your job, and even invest in you.  

 Photographer/ Co Creative Director:  D. Rice Photography . Model:  Shamika Young . Makeup Artist:  Alesia Sad'e .  Styling and Creative Direction by Me

Photographer/ Co Creative Director: D. Rice Photography. Model: Shamika Young. Makeup Artist: Alesia Sad'eStyling and Creative Direction by Me

Does your place of residence have any influence on the looks you create?

Ashe: I currently live in Los Angeles, I am also born and raised in LA. So it does influence some of my looks. LA is such an amazing place to live and grow in the fashion industry. It inspires me in multiple ways dealing with fashion. 

Sharra: In a way, I guess you could say that it does. Maybe not necessarily from a fashion standpoint, but definitely when I'm directing a shoot or location scouting. Sometimes I'll pass by a certain location with great scenery or just that has a dope overall vibe and an entire style story will unfold in my mind and I'll just say to myself "I'm gonna do a shoot here."  Not long after, it usually happens. 

What do you look for in a client or in a potential collab?

Ashe: I personally look forward to working with clients that are open minded, creative, and determined. That makes the collab so much fun & also gives me motivation while working with the client. 

Sharra: I agree with Ashe about the open mindedness as a requirement because I like to work with visionaries, people who can help me create something from nothing, or who can execute even better 10x better than how we brainstormed. I also look for people whose passion and commitment for a project doesn't just last for the initial conversation, but throughout the entire process. 

What is your favorite thing about what you do?

Ashe: I LOVE meeting new people every other day. It’s the most uplifting thing about styling. You gain more supporters and sometimes friends. 

Sharra: I have a lot of things I love about what I do but like Ashe, I also love meeting new talented creatives that I can relate to as artists. Sometimes you have struggles that only someone in your field can truly understand so those on set convos can really be encouraging  and make you feel like "yes,they get it". 

What is your least favorite thing about what you do and what things keep you motivated when things get overwhelming (if they ever do for you)? 

Ashe: One of my least favorite things about styling is clients not understanding the fact that we are also artist. That stylist also deserves to get paid for our hard work. Two thing that keeps me motivated are my supporters & reminding myself how far I’ve come since I started styling in 2015. 

Sharra: Literally everything Ashe just said. Lol.


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"The definition of walking art." 


Written & Styled by Sharra Greene

 From "My Sista's Keeper", Featuring Tene'A Cummings and Dominique Harris and shot by Damon Rice.

From "My Sista's Keeper", Featuring Tene'A Cummings and Dominique Harris and shot by Damon Rice.

A lot of major brands and business in the fashion and style realm as well as other industries are taking a stand for the idea of "Collaboration Over Competition", essentially creating a movement that empowers the idea of individuals coming together to achieve a common goal as opposed to individually competing to get there. This movement has a powerful message that caused me think about the different benefits of both competing and collaborating in order to progress in a career, and even in life in general. I believe that both concepts can bring out the best in a person both personally and professionally, I explain how below. 

The Ideal Concept of Competition

     The idea of competing for some sort of supremacy, whether it be money, a repuation, or even clientele, often has a negative connotation behind it because of the often insecure, immoral and sometimes mean spirited nature of people. However, when competition is done with authenticity and good ethics, it can serve as a tremendous benefit for those who are constantly striving to grow within their craft.

    As a style creative, I am not necessarily just studying those in my proximity who are building a brand within my field, but I am looking beyond, at the ones who are or seem to be "winning" the way that I want to win. When I do this, I'm rarely ever looking to compare my chapter 7 to someone elses chapter 20, as they say. But instead, I am proposing a challenge to myself to create work that I truly believe is on that level. I truly believe that by challenging yourself to compete with the best, you can literally only get better in the long term. I believe that when someone is receiving the things that you want, one of the most effective things to do is to challenge yourself to create work that could stand side by side with theirs. This type of competition can be done without announcing, sabotaging, or bashing someone else. Over time, the progress will definitely speak for itself. 

My Sistas keeper2.jpg

The Ideal Concept of Collaboration

Though I appreciate healthy competition, it is no secret that I am pro collaboration. Most, if not all of the posts on The Walking Art Blog are a result of a collaboration with other bomb creatives. I absolutely love the idea of a group of individuals leveraging each other's strengths to create a collective work of art. Looking back at my journey as a stylist from when I first started to now, one thing that I've learned is how to be selective about who I choose to collaborate with. When I am either seeking or deciding whether to accept or decline a collaboration request, I am looking to see if we are all on the same page, and if our collective efforts would add value of some sort to each individual involved, whether that be financially, professionally, or artistically, the value needs to be there. When those factors are involved, that is when the magic happens. That is when everyone involved can utilize the results to take themselves and their work to the next level, whatever that level may be for them because it really is different for everyone. 

Embracing Both

I am truly learning to appreciate and embrace both competing and collaborating because of what the two combined could do for me as an artist and as a business woman. My advice? Don't just stick to one. Explore both strategies for yourself in the best way that you can and witness your own growth in whatever it is you're going after. 

  My Sista's Keeper.   Tenea is wearing a  vintage faux leather little black dress with fur trim ,  Inari fishnet stockings , vintage earrrings and rings, thigh high boots, gold scale necklace from my wardrobe collection. Dominique is wearing a  vintage Janine New York geometric print metallic dress ,  Public Desire Kassidy gladiator heels ,  Urban Outfitters choker , bangles, rings, and earrings from my wardrobe collection

My Sista's Keeper.  Tenea is wearing a vintage faux leather little black dress with fur trimInari fishnet stockings, vintage earrrings and rings, thigh high boots, gold scale necklace from my wardrobe collection. Dominique is wearing a vintage Janine New York geometric print metallic dressPublic Desire Kassidy gladiator heelsUrban Outfitters choker, bangles, rings, and earrings from my wardrobe collection


Photographer/ Creative Director: D. Rice Photography

Models: Tenea Cummings and Dominique Harris

Styling and Creative Direction by Me

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"The definition of walking art."