I'm sure that all creatives and people with a dream can relate to having so many ideas, so many things that we want to do that our thoughts and feelings are sometimes all over the place. We want to know that these things will be executed to the best of our ability and that we will benefit from the accomplishment of these goals in one way or another. We just want to know. I've recently discovered  that these goals have to be completed one step at a time and all we can do is focus in and clap for ourselves after each step until we see it through. 

A lot of times, we tend to wish that we could see the future. We wish we could know exactly what will happen and exactly how to be prepared for it all, ahead of time. Essentially, we are asking for a cheat sheet to life. I, myself still wish for this sometimes. But what I am realizing is that there are actually some things that we're not supposed to know before we start on the pursuit of our dreams. Maybe if we knew everything that it would take, some of us wouldn't even begin.

When I started this journey at 17 years old (I'm 21 now),  taking my love for fashion and style seriously and establishing it as a real career goal, I had no idea the amount of personal development it would take to even get started in this industry. (let alone, the amount of money, resources, quality contacts, etc.) Most importantly, though, I had no idea the amount of patience that would be required of me to grow in this field. Looking back, I'm honestly glad that I didn't know. In this situation, ignorance was in fact bliss for me. True passion and love for what I was pursuing replaced knowing it all. I now know how important it was for me to embrace the unknown and I'm proud of myself for starting  when I did.

Today, I am no different from others in the way that I often see where I want to be in life and the things that I want to accomplish and it makes me anxious and sometimes impatient. I've recently been given some opportunities that can really help me to expand my brand and my audience and to continue to hone my craft so that the people who are supposed to receive it, will. (you will see these opportunities unfold if you follow my blog posts) Imagining the possiblities, of course causes me to want to know what's on the other side for me. But I'm learning to just put my best foot forward with every photoshoot, meeting, magazine submission, new client, blog post, and everything else that I'm working on and to let my passion drive me, being proud of myself every single time for my effort, no matter the outcome, and to be patient and keep pushing forward. 

When all we can see and feel at the moment is the unrelenting passion that we have for what we want to do and who we can be, that passion makes it much easier to stay the course and be patient, even when we don't know all that the future holds. I feel this is one of the greatest life lessons I'm learning right now and I hope it will be for you, as well. 

   Shop my look  : I am wearing a  bebe wrap crop top ,  Mistress Rocks cameo skirt ,  major attitude boots . and jewelry from my wardrobe.

Shop my look: I am wearing a bebe wrap crop top, Mistress Rocks cameo skirt, major attitude boots. and jewelry from my wardrobe.


Photographer: Allen Stewart of Stewdio Photography

Makeup Artist: Beauty by Idris

Styled by and Featuring Me

Stay tuned for more blog posts, both featuring and styled by me, coming very soon! 


"The definition of walking art."