Styled and Directed by Sharra Greene



Photographer: D. Rice Photography 

Model: Kanae Branch 

Makeup Artist: Beauty by Idris

Styling and Creative Direction by Me

     The ongoing, forward moving evolution of women's careership in today's society couldn't be more evident. It can't be missed in culture. Whether it's intense focus that the star scouting Top Model franchise is now putting on the three b's (business, boss, and brand), or the tons of emerging brands, whose women CEOs are utilizing social media and other online platforms to grow and create major success for their businesses in their early years, it's safe to say that women have a lot more freedom to take our financial and occupational destiny into our own hands. Though we still have a long way to go, I wanted the curation of looks for this shoot to celebrate the major change in a high spirited way. 

    Along with the realized freedom to decide how to provide for ourselves, also comes more freedom to say what we want, do what we want, and in a lot of cases, wear what we want. I wanted to play that up, through style. Kanae is featured in looks that are inspired by an editorial take on womens workwear in past decades, yet still appealing to the #girlboss of today (word to Sophia). The creative direction is meant to inspire the bossed up woman who is determined to call the shots in her own life, whatever that may look like for her. She is sexy, smart, and has an undeniable belief in self and in her purpose. She works hard, while slaying in the process. Starring the beautiful Kanae Branch. Gorgeous photography by Damon Rice. Retro glam beat by Idris. 

  Offices of Slay, How may I help you?  Kanae is very busy in a  Nasty Gal Boss Move Asymmetric Blazer ,  black fishnet crop top ,  Mistress Rocks cameo skirt , dollar sign tights, vintage accessories.

Offices of Slay, How may I help you? Kanae is very busy in a Nasty Gal Boss Move Asymmetric Blazer, black fishnet crop top, Mistress Rocks cameo skirt, dollar sign tights, vintage accessories.

  Coming Undone . Kanae wears a  Jewel for the Summer embellished bra , under a  Nasty Gal Give It a Tri Cut Out Shirt , with  Raina baby blue fishnets , vintage hot pink trousers from  Lady Lazarus Vintage , vintage earrings,  black and white stripe headband by Icing . 
  When you've had a long day of slay...

When you've had a long day of slay...

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"The definition of walking art."