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   You may recognize this beauty from my Discrete Luxury photo shoot. But there's more to this model than just a fierce face. There's also great energy and amazing drive. Read my interview with the up and coming DMV model who's constantly growing her brand for tips on growing your brand, being persistent, and having a positive attitude. 

What would you say is your biggest accomplishment and biggest challenge and how has it contributed to your growth as a model?

     My biggest accomplishment thus far would definitely be all of the networking I have done since I started. I have been able to build a lot of great relationships and connections with people from photo shoots and fashion shows and some of them have been big parts of getting me to be the model I am today while I still continue to grow. My biggest challenge is becoming represented by an agency. That has been my mission since day 1 and it still hasn't happened yet. But this pushes me to grow as a model and just work harder and keep putting myself out there so I can continue to get exposure.

What are some current projects that you have going on? 
     I have a few upcoming projects with designer Derrick Dearyl coming up. I'm really excited about those. I've discussed some ideas with a few other people, but they are still in the making. But definitely keep your eye out for some new looks. 

Are there ever times when you want to stop/ take a break from your creative career? If so, what gets you through those times? 

     There are plenty of times where I am super discouraged and want to give up constantly. But I get through it because I think about how far I have come and I know that I can do it. This is what I want to become my full time job. I want to be in magazines and be an inspiration for all girls and women. I have people close to me, such as family members, who tell me I should be in school. They may be right, but school will only be a distraction for me pursing what my passion truly is. I want to prove to myself and everyone watching that I can do this and make my dreams come true.

When we collaborated on the Discrete Luxury editorial, your energy was so bubbly and fun, I can't say that about every model's energy lol, I had such a good time styling you. Is this a natural part of your personality or does this side really come out when you're in your zone, creatively?

Awww thank you lol. That's definitely a big part of my personality. I like to stay positive as much as possible and by doing that I always keep a smile on my face. I have my low moments and my times where I stress, but that's natural. I always try to end my nights on a good note, do one good deed a day, and stay pleasant because it's a great refresher for everyone.

The work that you deliver is very distinctive. What advice do you have for young creatives trying to create and grow their brand?
I would say be selective about who you work with. A big part of having amazing pictures is having an amazing photographer. Some of my pictures have come from play days where we just get in the studio, work with what we got, and have fun! Some great photographers are Tyrone aka Syranno (@photosbysyranno), Allen (@stewdio_photography), and plenty others that I've worked with time and time again. Always be pleasant because everyone loves working with pleasant people. And make a plan, stick to it and stay focused.

What are your plans for the future? Career wise, what can we expect to see from you?

My main priority right now is becoming represented by an agency. After that hopefully I can book some big jobs. But until then I'll be working locally continuing to build, network, and create great pictures for everyone. 😊

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"The definition of walking art."