Written by Sharra Greene


Photographer/Creative Director: Kelvin Bulluck

Makeup Artist: Ayiana G.

Featuring and Styled by Me

      Above all of the things that serve as inspiration for me, attitude has always been the nonstop source that has moved me and  influenced both my passion and my aesthetic as an artist. Without it, true style is not really complete, in my opinion. In retrospect, observing attitude and the many forms that it takes is what drove me to pursue a career in style in the first place... many may be able to relate when we think about the way that style and attitude affect our inner and outer worlds. 

     I come from a long line of women who love expressing themselves through personal style and aren't afraid of fashion. Growing up with my mom being a social worker by day and a bartender by night, I was always inspired by how my mom transformed her wardrobe throughout her day. Watching her look go from dressy casual, chic, and fabulous during the day and then coming home and transforming into an edgy glamazon for the night life really opened my eyes to the way that what we decide to wear can affect our confidence, posture, and demeanor. As her heels clicked around the house and fringe details on her gorgeous dresses and jackets swung behind her, I was in tow, not too far behind (getting in the way and getting on her nerves as she got dressed) and I couldn't help but notice how after each glance of her reflection in the mirror, she held her head a little higher, walked a little sexier, and moved a little differently. It was beautiful. It was then that I realized that a woman's style of dress can serve as an essential form of self expression that can enhance her confidence and reveal different sides of her inner being.

     My mom often shared throwback pics of my grandmothers and great grandmothers (my grandfathers' style was pretty on point too) in everything from sexy high waist shorts, bold tops, and sky high heels, to mink furs sometimes paired with custom made dresses, chic berets, etc. (My very first shoots included so many of these pieces, they're so bomb)... They looked unique, beautiful, and incredibly confident. All of this has pushed me to always be led by the attitude that I want to be conveyed when putting together looks, rather than the "technicalities" of fashion...To this day, on set, I'm always intrigued by the way that a woman poses and carries herself in a look that I put together for her.

     Attitude as it relates to style, includes but is not limited to the way that a woman chooses to put things together. What she chooses to include or exclude and accessorize can be used to make a statement about herself and/ or the way she's feeling. None of it is really "right" or  "wrong", it's all about a feeling, a vibe, an attitude. That is the way that I choose to look at it. Looking at fashion and style as an art from and not a science has driven the concept of my brand, "the definition of walking art." That perception of style is what has and will continue to inspire me my entire life. 

P.S. SHOP MY LOOK: Me in my fave Bebe faux suede crop top and wrap skirt, nude strap sandals. bangle and earrings from my wardrobe. 


"The definition of walking art."