I always knew that fashion and style would be a big part of my life forever. As a child, I would spend hours sketching and playing dress up. It was the idea of escaping normality through dress that appealed to me at an early age. I knew that I could escape to the world of fashion whenever everyday life had one too many rules, and not enough room for my bold and unique perspective.  Possessing a vivid imagination, crazy drive, and a true passion for what I do, I bring interesting and innovative concepts to life through fashion styling and creative direction, always executing "the definition of walking art."



About the Concept: What is "The Definition of Walking Art" ?

     "To be the definition of walking art means that you are able to deliver the emotional stimulation of art, in human form. I create an artistic representation of emotion when I style. I view anyone that I dress as a work of art. But it is up to me to create looks that help bring out the true artist in them, as it relates to the given concept. When you take creative expression and add the beauty of the human body, you have walking art."

- Sharra Greene



Sharra is currently available to do business in the following areas:                                                        







*Fashion Styling

*Creative Direction

*Personal Shopping

* Promotional Blogging