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If you follow my brand and my blog, you may know that I had an article interview with emerging shoe designer in my city, Shatiarra Monroe. The original interview was very well received and it was a dope experience, connecting with a fellow creative entrepreneur in Baltimore who is serious about her business and her vision. (Check out the original article here)

You may also know that I recently relaunched my podcast, Style With Sharra: The Podcast Series, where I I discuss various topics regarding fashion, business, lifestyle, and well being. I was so adamant about having Shatiarra as one of my first guests because I knew she had first hand experience on building something from nothing in the fashion & business space and I knew her expertise, charisma, and relatable experiences would be great for my listeners to hear. Plus, it was a great opportunity to get to know her more! I brought the questions, she brought the wine (more than enough, we got a little lit) and we vibed.

Listen to us talk about everything from mental health and personal development, to how fashion is our safe place, to her inspiration, routines, and motivation behind launching an online luxury shoe line while balancing an engineering career.


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“The definition of walking art.”



Everyone has them. The looks that when you wear them, just seem to fit you like a glove, bring out your best features, turn heads, and make you feel like your flyest and highest self. As a stylist, I go through a lot of trial and error when trying new looks and over time, I’ve come across a few styles that I’m never letting go of. Here are mine, along with some of the ways I help myself, my family and friends, and my clients find their most flattering go-to pieces.


As you can clearly see, they’re a fave of mine. I get asked all the time where I buy my earrings and the truth is, I don’t discriminate. I get them everywhere from my local hair store to my favorite online shops. The busier the better, especially when I’m wearing a relatively simple look I love to throw on a pair of bomb statement earrings to change my look up in one step.

I am wearing a  ribbed fringe sleeve mini dress  by  Akira ,  PLT   studded belt  and  snakeskin thigh high boots ,  double disc earrings  from  Forever 21 , vintage clutch, bangles and ring I got forever ago.

I am wearing a ribbed fringe sleeve mini dress by Akira, PLT studded belt and snakeskin thigh high boots, double disc earrings from Forever 21, vintage clutch, bangles and ring I got forever ago.


Anyone who knows me, knows how I feel about my OTK boots. Anything over the knee keeps my legs warm while still showcasing my personal style through the texture and details of the boots that I choose, especially in the Fall & Winter months.


I’m so quick to throw on a high slit maxi skirt because it makes my torso appear longer while showcasing my legs which I love. In order to switch it up, I’ll buy high slit skirts in different fabrics to diversify my looks. I have a faux suede one, a jersey material one, and a crochet one for Summer, but regardless of which I one I wear, I can never go wrong with this style on me.




That great pair of gold pumps that has your calf muscles POPPIN’ when you put em on? That freakum dress that hugs your silhouette just right and has people noticing your gym wins? Pay attention to the details of those pieces. Why do you think people compliment you on them? Is it the shape that it gives your body? The color of the piece that pops on your skin tone? Once you figure that out, you can start to curate more pieces for your wardrobe that have those attributes.


Which looks have you walking different when you slip them on? When your posture elevates, your shoulders are back, you hold your head a little higher after getting dressed, it means you’re feeling confident. Pay attention to the looks that make you feel this way and then ask yourself what you specifically like about the look that ups your confidence and gives you your supermodel walk. Whether it makes you feel sexier, edgier, or just more self expressive, try only wearing pieces that make you feel this good. It will radiate from within because of course, when you look good, you feel good and vice versa.



Honestly, I used to get SO annoyed when I’d go shopping with a relative or friend and they’d point out a shirt or a bag and say “that looks like you.” or “that reminds me of you.” Sometimes I still do, especially if I’m not feeling the look they’re trying to show me. I don’t know if its the Leo in me or what, but I just felt like “How can you tell ME what is… “me?” Though I still tend to feel this way occasionally, I also have learned to not be so defensive about it because a lot of times the comment can really be a compliment in disguise.

For someone to stay something reminds them specifically of you, it could mean the person thinks you have a unique and distinctive style. Because I feel like my style is so versatile due to the fact that I wear whatever I think looks cute regardless of aesthetic, I'm now more open minded to other people’s suggestions because my style is constantly evolving and improving. You should be, too. Next time someone points out a look that they feel reminds them of you, ask yourself how you could style it to make it more “you”? Consider it an opportunity to help you find more flattering looks and build on your personal style.

That’s all for now, stay tuned for more style content coming very soon to the blog!


“The definition of walking art.”



Shop Our Looks  : My friend  Comfort  of  CNK STYLEBOOK  (check her site out!) is wearing a  two piece plaid set  and  white ankle boots  from  Nasty Gal , and a thrifted DKNY blazer (shop a similar one     here  ) I am wearing a  ribbed fringe sleeve mini dress  by  Akira ,  PLT   studded belt  and  snakeskin thigh high boots ,  double disc earrings  from  Forever 21 , vintage clutch, bangles and ring I got forever ago.

Shop Our Looks: My friend Comfort of CNK STYLEBOOK (check her site out!) is wearing a two piece plaid set and white ankle boots from Nasty Gal, and a thrifted DKNY blazer (shop a similar one here) I am wearing a ribbed fringe sleeve mini dress by Akira, PLT studded belt and snakeskin thigh high boots, double disc earrings from Forever 21, vintage clutch, bangles and ring I got forever ago.

Over the past year or two, brunching has become THE go-to activity for my generation to link up and catch up with friends in the midst of everyday “adulting”. Many use their brunch dates as an excuse to bring out their best fits and flick it up. Here are a couple of guidelines to help narrow down your options for that perfect brunch fit.


This way you can get comfortable at brunch, and then throw your extra layers of jackets, dusters, etc, back on for any #ootd pics you may wanna take. Plus, if it’s chilly at the restaurant or outside, you can keep warm.


Whether it be leather and floral like the look I put together below, or stripes, monochrome, etc, try having each of your friends focus on a theme for their brunch outfit. This will give each of you a chance to stand out and express your individual aesthetics while brunching together as a unit. Commenting on the bomb looks everyone is wearing could also serve as a great convo starter.

Shop the look:       Top   ,    Jacket   ,    skirt   ,    heels   ,    bag   ,    earrings   .

Shop the look: Top, Jacket, skirt, heels, bag, earrings.


I call this rule the slouchy/ fit rule because it involves going for a slouchy look with one article of clothing and going for a more bodycon fit with the next. This is something that I like to do a lot, especially when I’m going out to eat, I’ll pair tight fitting jeans or shorts with a more loose fitting top (that way I can eat whatever without looking full afterwards).


I like to choose days where I’ll be sitting most of the time as a break in day for my newest and favorite pairs of heels. It’s the ultimate cheat code where you don’t necessarily have to dress for comfort.

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“The definition of walking art.”



Designer and CEO Shatiarra Monroe modeling her   Feb 14. shoe  . Brand images by  Stewdio Photography .

Designer and CEO Shatiarra Monroe modeling her Feb 14. shoe. Brand images by Stewdio Photography.

If you follow fashion and you’re from my city, you’ve probably seen poppin’ women all over your timeline completing their fits with a pair of signature feathery lace up heels by Shatiarra Monroe Collection. Launching on Valentines Day this year, the online shoe company captured the attention of many with a sultry shoe campaign and has since been growing a tribe of women all over Baltimore who love pairing the brand’s 4 inch showstoppers with their flyest fits. I got to witness the growth as a long time Instagram follower of Shatiarra’s.

I initially took notice of Shatiarra’s account due to her sexy yet classy personal style (plus, she’s gorg) but I began really keeping up when she announced that she was working on something BIG. She definitely wasn’t wrong… and if you know me, you know I’m always on the lookout for new brands to connect with and support, especially ones that are owned by young black women. So It was only right that I reach out to the woman behind the brand. I’m so honored to be the first to interview Shatiarra on behalf of her shoe collection! Check out our interview below as we talk her inspiration, the pros and cons of owning and building her business, and the lessons she's learned on her journey so far.

Sharra: So, I've been following you on IG for quite some time ( I think even since we were both in high school, tbh) and I've always thought you were such a doll! A while back, I noticed your eye for statement pieces, sleek hairstyles, and a soft glam beat. That's what initially attracted me to check out your page because I honestly felt that your style reminded me a little of my own. When did you first take a real interest in fashion and style?

Shatiarra: Aww thanks, it’s amazing to hear that there’s someone who’ve watched me over the years and paid attention to detail and it’s even more fulfilling knowing that the person…well you, are such a beautiful spirit. I value that acknowledgement because I am a person who pays attention to detail. I’ve been into fashion for like ever. My challenge has always been trying to find an item that I thought up.

As I child I’d wear the little cha-cha slides from Walmart and I had them in all colors but I’d try to hook them up with my clothes and it was hard because my slides were lit and my clothes weren’t lit so I then had to make my basic clothes into lit clothes. Fast forward to like high school and I’d make bows to wear with my uniforms and do something crazy with my hair. Every phase of my life displays me trying to work with what I have to get the image I want to portray.

Model  Cori Bullock  wearing the AG shoe, coming soon to .

Model Cori Bullock wearing the AG shoe, coming soon to

Sharra: You’re so welcome! So, In today's social media world, there are so many people launching fast fashion clothing boutiques (which we love, but let's face it, there are sooo many, it can be a real challenge to stand out amongst competition). What inspired you to go a different route and take on the task of creating a luxury shoe line in your early twenties?

Shatiarra: I use to feel like I wouldn’t excel at having a successful business because I wouldn’t satisfy everyone. Everything changed the moment I decided that I would just be myself, produce products that I absolutely love, and value myself. That’s it. It sounds cocky but I don’t aim to please anyone. I envision designs and scratch the itch that I get from that. Then, I put in the work to get that idea into something tangible.

This inspires me because I see designers put the bare minimum into their brands, but they are popular or they have a following so, it sells. Imagine if the quality and overall design was as lit as the person behind it all. That’s where I found my lane because I am that. I love everyone who supports my collection because everything I put out and plan to put out is precious to me and to know the world is accepting of it is very comforting for me and it’s the push that keeps me going to continue to grow my collection.

Sharra: You make a good point as far as a lot of people half doing something and having it pop off for them. But I like to think that authenticity always wins so as long as you’re authentic, I feel like there will always be that tribe of supporters that relate to your vision. What do you believe sets your brand apart from other luxury shoe lines out there?

Shatiarra: I believe I am set apart from other luxury shoe brands because I am not trying to fit in. Everyone says this but here’s the kicker, I also do not care to stand out. It’s like a middle ground that I found myself in and not a lot of shoe designers are able to be here. Either a shoe is giving everything and more or it’s pretty basic. Nothing is wrong with that either, but I find myself completely separate from both, yet satisfying, either way a person wants to go, and it’s not something I aim for or that I ever have the intention of doing. It’s just how my personality has seemed to show face in my work.

Shoe styles:    Feb 14    &    Premier   .

Shoe styles: Feb 14 & Premier.

Sharra: That’s a cool middle ground to have. I feel like finding that happy medium between elaborate and super simple designs diversifies the type of people who are attracted to your product… So, the city of Baltimore is often rumored to be/associated with being full of people who have an unsupportive, "crabs in a barrel" mentality. So I HAVE TO ASK, upon launching, did you experience this at all or did you receive the support that you wanted and expected with birthing and selling your own collection?

Shatiarra: So, I did not experience this when I launched and if it did take place it was nothing that I was aware of. I only paid attention and gravitated to the love. Maybe if I chose an industry that was over saturated or popular in our city, I probably would have seen a disconnect from the support that I expected vs. the support that I got, but I don’t know anyone in our city with a shoe collection that they personally designed. If so, I’d love to meet them. I love to see people into the same thing that I’m into.

Sharra: I love your perspective on that. Only focusing and gravitating to the love literally can cut the number of distractions in half. So, you describe your own personal style as "elegant and classy with a hint of edginess". Is there anyone who heavily inspires your personal style? Possibly, a style icon or public figure that you would love to style in a pair of your signature shoes?

Shatiarra: Believe it or not, I find inspiration everywhere. I’m into Pinterest and I save bookmarks on Instagram of so many different looks and ideas. I can’t pin point a particular person because I take bits and pieces from absolutely everywhere. I’m just like anyone else when it comes to their business, I want my shoe collection to be spotted on some of the greatest. The issue with people like myself is that after that occurs, it will still always be an accomplishment I’ll find myself always trying to achieve. Right now, I like to look at like “instagram famous” models and determine who I would want to do promo for my shoes. I have a promo strategy that the models love and I look to reach out to larger IG models with a similar approach.

Sharra: Reaching out to those with a strong presence and personal brand on IG is definitely a good move on your part because even though I’ve been following you for a long time, seeing your product on girls all around the city, all over my explore page is what really opened my eyes to how fast your brand is catching on, which is so dope. So, how has your life changed since launching Shatiarra Monroe Shoe Collection and what are 2 lessons you've learned from being a business owner, one personal and one professional?

Shatiarra modeling her  AG shoe , coming soon to .

Shatiarra modeling her AG shoe, coming soon to

Shatiarra: OMG, you’d be amazed at the major lessons I’ve learned since launching because it’s not what a lot of people are vocal about when it comes to the cons. I’ve learned that I like the friends that I acquired through business more than I like my lifelong friends and relatives. It’s a breath of fresh air meeting people who think like me because although I love the people closest to me, we all are not necessarily on the same page when it comes to making moves, otherwise we would all be winning big right now.

A professional lesson that I’ve learned is that profit is not going to come right away. I used to hear this all day but as a business, of course your goal is to make a profit and if I’m selling then I felt like I should see my profit right away. But no… and people don’t talk about why but it just doesn’t happen that way. The money comes 2nd. You have to love what you do first, and this is how I run my collection. Remembering the love that I have for what I’m doing is how I find resolution in that lesson.

Sharra: YES! You a real one for bringing that up because like you said, it’s something that’s almost taboo when it comes to new business owners and creatives entrepreneurs so I’m glad that you were able to learn that lesson early and still keep going. Last but not least, I peeped an accessories tab on the site, is that something we should be looking out for soon or will you be adding accessories to your inventory way later on down the line?

Shatiarra: Accessories are coming very soon. I plan to have 20 items on my site by the end of the summer. I have so many ideas so right now my dilemma is organizing it all. I will venture into clothing and accessories eventually but my primary focus will remain on creating luxury women shoes.

~Thank you so much for chopping it up with me, Shatiarra! I’m so excited to see what your future holds, girly! All love!

Like what you see? Click here Shop Shatiarra Monroe Collection! Follow the shoe page to keep up with future releases and follow Shatiarra on Instagram for more glimpses of her day to day life and her bomb personal style!

Hope you guys enjoyed this interview! More content coming very soon to the Walking Art Blog. Stay tuned!


“The definition of walking art.”